News, May 2011

After a long time we have a new version of wxBasic.
The latest version comes with the wxWidget library 2.8.12 and it comes on Windows, OSX and Linux at the same time.

By the way: from now on the wxBasic Website is managed via Drupal instead of plain html.

In the latest version are some bugfixes, most of them you might have never seen as they just appeard in the the versions never released to the public, the latest wxWidget library and some new features (e.g. enhancements to the debugger). The full changes follows.
To be honest the OSX and Ubuntu versions are not that fully tested as the Windows versions.

Updated / Changed / Completed
  • bugfix: try/catch/end try
  • bugfix: val("") delivered undefined number instead of 0
  • bugfix: replace command, first param was not interpreted correctly
  • osx: run multiple wxbasic scripts in own processes
  • osx: got an about and open menu if started without params

  • bugfix in wxArrayString.Index/.Remove

  • added and changed some constants
  • added 4.0.2 version of wxEditor from Dirk Noak

  • updated to latest wxWidget version 2.8.12
  • RTE on Vista/7 fixed
  • bugfix: SetAcceleratorTable, misssing last entry
  • wxFontCopy, wxFontEmpty, wxFontDescription
  • Debugger: Goto Cursor (Ctrl+Shift+G), Breakpoints (F9), store/load breakpoints

  • wxDragImage
  • wxChoicebook
  • wxFileHistory
  • wxGridBackSizer
  • wxGBPosition
  • wxGBSpan
  • wxHtmlEasyPrinting
  • wxHtmlLinkInfo
  • wxHtmlLinkEvent
  • wxHtmlParser
  • wxJoystick
  • wxPathList
  • wxTextFile
  • wxTreebook
  • wxTreebookEvent
  • wxReportWriter::SetPgNum (wxChar -> string)
  • wxControlWithItems: wxListBox, wxChoice, deshalb auch wxCheckListBox, wxComboBox
  • wxArrayString
  • wxAutomationObject::GetProperty - arg1 = wxNullVariant
  • wxString _() -> Mac Umlaute, "ΓΌ" HTML codes can now be used
  • Debugger: save/restore window size and position and splitter position
  • Debugger: Keyboard: Run=F5, Step into=F11, Step next instruction / Precedure Step=F10, Jump Back=S+F11, Stop=S+F5
  • Debugger: Func: Copy Var/Source=C+C
  • Debugger: support break operation
  • Debugger: source viewer with color and status in statusbar
  • console save/restore window size and position, read font description
  • option noconsole on/off and option console on/off

  • bugfix: Interpreter Error if "Option locale" is used (dim f as numeric = 5.6 result was 5.0 instead of 5.6)
  • bugix: "Option locale" no longer needs a blank line
  • fgets() buffer expanded to 4096 bytes
  • wxDateTime w/o wxDateTime_t (GetDay, GetMonth, GetHour, ...)

  • full recompile test on different plattforrms

  • wxAuiDefaultTabArt
  • wxAuiSimpleTabArt
  • wxAuiPaneInfo: GetWindow, GetFrame, GetName, GetFloatingPos, GetFloatingSize

  • wxStandardPath corrected to wxStandardPathBase
  • added: wxXmlNode, wxXmlDocument, wxXmlProperty
  • wxFrame.SetStatusWidth([-1,200]), support of arrays
  • wxStatusbar.SetStatusWidth([-1,200])