News, November 2016

On Windows and Linux the latest version of wxBasic still comes linked with the wxWidget library 2.8.12. On macOS it is linked with version 3.0.2 but kept the same scope of wxWidget support. On all plattforms it comes with a new database support.

The full changes list follows:

Updated / Changed / Completed (Aug./Nov. 2016)

  • chmod command added
  • on macOS w/o starting parameters an open dialog is shown
  • latest Version of wxEditor (4.1.9) added to windows setups
  • (Apr. 2016)

  • BUGFIX: wxAutomationObject_variant in 64bit mode
  • Wrapper: wxGrid: XYToCell, GetRowLabelAlignment, GetColLabelAlignment, GetDefaultCellAlignment, GetCellAlignment, GetCellSize
  • Dump to wxTextOutputStream in wxRichTextObject, wxRichTextCompositeObject, wxRichTextPlainText, wxRichTextBuffer
  • Wrapper: wxDatePickerCtrlBase_GetRange
  • wxPageSetupDialogData ctors added
  • (Aug. 2015)

  • use Visual Studio 2013 Express Edition with Platformtoolset v120 (instead of 7.1)
  • BUGFIX: in wxReportWriter for Unicode and wx3.0
  • start compatibility with wx3.0
  • version numbers moved from shared.h to shared.c (compile time issue)
  • added: wxGraphicsContext, wxGLCanvas (OpenGL)
  • modified: wxSound
  • BUGFIX: CDbEngine::Field() float column with . instead of any other char and ignoring precision
  • (Nov. 2014)

  • wxDatabaseLayer enhanced (database cursors functionality, dbms infos and some utf-8 conversion problems fixed)
  • wxDb replaced by wxDatabaseLayer (just supporting ODBC, Sqlite)
  • compatibility and enhance layers (wxDbEngine/wxDbRecordset) updated
  • (Jul. 2014)

  • BUGFIX: free up memory w/o deallocate or with direct call to destructor via ~obj
  • wxBase + wxNet + wxXml revised
  • wxbc - added a "Console Version of wxBasic" just with wxBase + wxNet + wxXml parts of wxWidgets
  • Added: wxSimpleHtmlListBox
  • Added: wxHtmlCellEvent
  • Enhanced: wxBitmap, wxMask, wxRegion; be careful with wxRegion::Subtract, para has changed!
  • samples has line-feed as line ending, some fixes for linux and OS X