Welcome to wxBasic

wxBasic is a Basic Interpreter that brings the easy to learn programming language Basic together with the power of the widely-used wxWidget library.
Following the cross-plattform idea of wxWidgets, wxBasic is available on Windows, MacOSX and Linux/Ubuntu.

wxBasic comes in 3 different version.

  1. The GUI version (wxbasic) is linked to the powerful wxWidget library. Creating and calling the wxWidgets code closely parallels the wxWidgets C++ API.
  2. The Console version (bvmc) allows to write simple Basic applications for Console mode and looks a lot like QBasic.
  3. Another Console version (wxbc) is positioned in the middle. It runs in console mode and is linked with wxBase. wxBase is part of the wxWidgets library and contain all classes good for writing automatic background jobs.

It is possible to write applications very quickly and create stand-alone executables.
The package contain a lot of sample applications. So it's easy to start with wxBasic.

News, November 2016

On Windows and Linux the latest version of wxBasic still comes linked with the wxWidget library 2.8.12. On macOS it is linked with version 3.0.2 but kept the same scope of wxWidget support. On all plattforms it comes with a new database support.

News, June 2014

The latest version still comes with the wxWidget library 2.8.12 and it comes on Windows, OSX and Linux at the same time. Linux is changed to 64-bit and Windows comes in both (32/64-bit).


The best way to meet wxBasic is to look at some simple lines of code.

To write a simple "Hello, World" on the screen, this is enough:

wxMessageBox("Hello, World")